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School Support Programme:  Single Intervention Days

HTS provides bespoke and specialist alternative education provision for students aged 12-16.  Single intervention day programmes are delivered to support schools and other education providers provide swift bespoke intervention in a range of situations such as dealing with pupils smoking on site, directly challenging teachers, failing to comply with rules etc.    Programmes are targeted, interesting and get pupils to reflect on the impact of their actions.

Learner Benefits

HTS provides a supportive, enjoyable, engaging environment for young people to learn.  Where there are high levels of support and  learners are encouraged to influence their learning.  Learners are encouraged to reflect on the influences in their lives as well as their current and future goals and what impacts on their behaviour and achievement.  Learners work one to one with their allocated trainer or may participate in paired working as they evaluate how they want to move forward with their lives. 

Programmes for learner's can be commissioned to provide swift intervention with pupils, helping to avoid fixed term or permanent exclusions. Programmes can be targeted at particular outcomes including:  challenging behaviour, non compliance with rules, inappropriate use of language, Prevent agenda etc.

School Benefits

HTS Single Intervention Days allow schools to swiftly commission directed bespoke sessions to deal with issues within the education environment for one or more pupils.  Intervention days can be commissioned when you need them, (with pupils away from your school premises) with a focus on meeting a particular development need.  HTS provides a safe, supported environment where pupils are encouraged to reflect on their behaviours and actions (and the impact of these) and look at ways to move forward in a positive way.

HTS provide excellent reports on learner attendance, measures delivered and pupil engagement (to allow schools to prove interventions used). 

Progression Opportunities

Most learners will return to the school setting with greater understanding of the impact of their behaviour as the implications of continued issues. 

Single intervention days can be linked to targets such as improved behaviour and attendance at school and HTS reports may be used towards EHCP submissions/updates for pupils or as evidence of interventions used by schools and education providers.

Schools can increase intervention measures using HTS as required/when needed. 

Parent View

Our son attended HTS after a long spell of not attending school due to bullying. 

HTS treated us with respect and all the staff were excellent and we are extremely happy with all HTS has to offer.   

The intervention was excellent and our son continued with HTS and it was the best thing that ever happened to our son, his confidence and self esteem grew so much, it has been 100% beneficial. 


Each School Support Programme is bespoke and schools can select from a range of outcomes based on the hours of attendance. 

Intervention days - single days delivered with a focus on a particular target such as:  attendance, implications of a pupils behaviour, respect, equality, complying with school rules etc.

Multiple days over a half term, full terms or full academic year can be linked to curriculum delivery (set by a school) or bespoke programmes including Functional Skills qualifications in English (speaking & listening, reading and writing), mathematics and ICT or qualifications in business administration, child care etc.  Delivery is based on the number of hours a pupil attends.

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