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School Support Programme - partial & full time provision

Bespoke and specialist alternative education provision for students aged 12-16.  Partial and full time provision from several days through to full academic years.  Programmes are designed to take into account individual student’s requirements (including complex needs), personal preference, learning goals and outcomes.  Programmes are engaging, interesting and linked to curriculum targets or to alternative provision such as Functional Skills English, mathematics and ICT.

Learner Benefits

Flexible bespoke training with small groups/one to one support where pupils influence their programmes based on their interests, needs and preferences.  Pupils may follow notational curriculum and complete materials sent by their school or undertake bespoke programmes with the option of completing full qualifications including Functional Skills, Certificate or Diploma courses with all study in a supportive, enjoyable and engaging learning environment.

School Benefits

Swift interventions when you need them, (with pupils away from your school premises) with excellent HTS reports on learner attendance, measures delivered and pupil engagement (to allow schools to prove interventions used). 

Programmes can be accessed to provide provision during fixed term exclusions or as part of a package of learning in conjunction with school attendance.

Progression Opportunities

Programmes allow a flexible approach for schools when dealing with fixed term exclusions or periods when pupils need to be away from the school site for a variety of reasons.  Programme targets can include pupil achievement of full Functional Skill qualifications in English, mathematics and ICT which could support progression into further education or Apprenticeship. 

Many pupils return to their original school although some pupils may progress to new schools as part of a managed move. 

Parent's Viewpoint

"My son achieved great grades in qualifications that we never imaged him able to reach, ALL down to HTS's superb education. 

I have and will recommend their services, I cannot recommend HTS more highly, their staff, their planning and educating is "outstanding".

Simply brilliant educators, I was always informed about progress and HTS used excellent reporting and were polite and respectful."

Tim R 
(parent of a learner who attended HTS one day per week in their Year 9 and Year 10)

Example Units

Each School Support Programme is bespoke and schools can select from a range of outcomes based on the hours of a pupils attendance.

Intervention days - single days delivered with a focus on particular targets such as: attendance, implications of the pupil's behaviour, respect, equality etc or partial (one or more days per week over a period of several weeks up to full time provision for full academic years).  Pupils attending multiple days may continue to study towards national curriculum targets, with work forwarded by their school which they will be supported to complete. 

Alternatively pupils may study towards and sit qualifications at HTS including:  Functional Skills English, mathematics and ICT from Entry Level 1 through to Level 2 as well as full Certificates and Diplomas. 

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